Hide And Seek

My kids alway Hidings love playing hide and seek, especially when I play with them.  They think it’s hilarious to see their dad cram himself into small hiding spots – under beds, in laundry hampers, etc.  and I must admit I have fun too.  I hate the hiding process and the pain of contorting my body into various forms and shapes just to hide my long lanky form from their prying eyes, but it’s worth it.  It is so worth it when I hear their squeals of delight when they catch a glimpse of a protruding foot or a finger.  Their chortling makes the pain of my hiding worth it.

Then today I was reading in the first chapter of the book of John, and I came across a passage where John the Baptist was talking about Jesus.  And he said, “I only baptize using water. A person you don’t recognize has taken his stand in your midst. He comes after me, but he is not in second place to me. I’m not even worthy to hold his coat for him.”

Jesus does everything – even becoming fully human – and then hides.  Stands right in the midst of all the people yet they don’t recognize him.  He’s hiding.  Of course it’s pretty common for him to do that.  When he was 12 his parents couldn’t find him, he was pseudo hiding.  Lazarus dies, Mary and Martha couldn’t find him – he was hiding.  At the birth of Christ, Herod was looking to kill him, but again, he was hiding.  Hide and seek seems to be a game Jesus likes to play.

Have you ever realized how things that are always right in front of us lose their value?  The new car that you so loved and cherished, it started every morning for five years and never gave you a bit of trouble, but you’ve had it so long it’s just not as cherished.  The spouse that is faithful and loving, but you have been looking at them for 15 years, you just don’t appreciate them like you did that first month of marriage.  So many things in life that are always right there are many times taken for granted and not cherished.

I wonder…….

I wonder if Christ still hides…….

I wonder……….

I wonder that when God said we would see signs and wonders that one of the wonders would be the son of God contorting his visage into tiny cramped spaces so that our prying eyes wouldn’t see him.  So that our narcissistic  emotions wouldn’t feel him, but through our lack, and through our need, we would seek him.  Look under rocks and crevasses, to eventually giggle with delight when we see his weathered hand protruding out in humanity.  Our seeking is the very thing that keeps passion in our relationship.  Seeking is the very thing that allows us to not take his touch for granted but relish in every embrace.

Look around.  Don’t give up.  Just because you don’t see him today or feel him like you want does not mean the game is over, it simply means the game has just begun.


Simply Delicious

Since we have been in the school, our new venue, I have been blown away but the level of serving from our team.  It just seems like everybody have stepped up one level more.  Every time I turn around somebody else is doing something else to advance the vision of OSuthPoint.  It’s incredible!  One of my friends looked at me the otehr day and said, “Craig you are one rich man.”  Of course he was not talking about how much money I have in the bank, but talking about how much ‘life’ I have.  And he’s right.  I am continually blown away by my loving family, my phenomenal friends, and my stellar church.

God is mind Numbing.

This Sunday another person gave their heart to the Lord!  Wow!  That would make it 198 people thus far!  Amazing.  Simply amazing.  I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do this upcoming year.

Speaking of this year – we had our annual plannig meeting where we lay out the message series for the up coming year.  Of course they are flexible and moldable, but we at least get teh creative ideas on paper with some structure so we all know where we are going.  Two of them that I am phsyced about first would be the Faith – Love – Hope series where we will be laying out a vision and direction for SouthPoint for the upcoming year, and talking about how we are going to kick it off with a 21 day fast.  It’ll be crazy.  The other one that has my brain reeling a bit is a series on the novel called “The Shack” by William Young.  If you havn’t read this book yet then I would recommend you immediatly log off the internet and head to your local books store and get it.  It will alter your view, and we can all use a bt of altering.

Sky Angel Cowboy

After Sunday’s message, several people requested more information or a link to the video, so here it is.  Watch it, be touched, be moved, be thankful for God’s love.

Simply a Good Time

It has been a fabulous week.  Fabulous in the sense of non-stop work, decorating, traveling, watching kids, and eating.  Oh yea, and I threw church in there too!  thanksgiving has come and gone and it was fabulous, truly.  Patti and I went to Huntsville for a few days, and then on Black Friday my wife braved the stores and shopped for 12 1/2 hours!  What did I do?  You would think I laid on the couch and watched football.  Well that would have been nice except for the fact that I had to watch 8 nieces, nephews, and my kids.  Wow!  It was a continual flurry of activity, but I survived.

I did learn however that being thankful often times involves activity.  Just saying I’m thankful is not really being that thankful.  No I don’t think it is some action of a “thing” you have to do, but more a state of mind.  A moment when our brain, and soul align to help us not only think of things to be thankful for but our soul engages us at a new level in which we become thankful.  It’s a moment of spiritual importance, and a moment that we need to visit more than once a year.

The only way I have ever discoverd to enter into the juxtaposition of mind and soul is to slow down.  To put life in low gear and just think and relish in the things that God has done for us.  We are so tempted to just run from one fast paced great thing to the next, but how often do we experiene one great thing and then stop and be thankful?  Probably not very often.  I know the official Thanksgiving day is over – long gone – forgotten.  But how about today we once again, slow down and say thanks.

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