The Shack

The ShackI really didn’t intend to read the Shack.  My sister-in-law was the first to recommend it.  Actually she did more than that, she said that I had to read it so I could tell her what I thought.  I laughed and shoved it to the bottom of my reading list.  (I still struggle with being told what to do.)  Over the following few weeks, I had numerous people tell me I should read the book.

I caved.

I openly admit that I read the book out of complete peer pressure.  For the first time peer pressure helped me.  The Shack is one of the most refreshingly, eye opening books I have read in a very long time.  It helped kick me out of my stagnant view of God.

God is like shimmering water.  He is a constant, yet his appearance is continually changing, flowing, ebbing, and glittering.  As a church dweller I am guilty of getting comfortable with a certain view and perception of God, and then fitting everything into that container.

The Shack shook me.

Not shook me in a bad way, but in an uncomfortable – make me think for a change – kind of book.  It was a breath of fresh air.

So mush so,  we decided to make it a message series.  Talk about it for 5 weeks, with Q&A at the end.  I hope that you will make every effort to attend this special series and bring several people wtih you to not only listen, and learn, but discuss as well, as we dive into the Bible and discover new layers of truth.


A New Year – Looking Ahead

I think it is imposible to hit January first and not look ahead.  It just seems to be inate.  Now matter how we try and downplay it, we still look ahead.  We still hope, pray and wonder what 2009 will hold.  For us at Southpoint we’ve decided to go on a fast to help us clarify what God would have us to do in 2009.

We’ve decided to do the Daniel fast.  I think this fast will be especially beneficial to us this time of year.  It says in Daniel 10 that after Daniel fasted [the Daniel fast] God explained the vision to him.  Now for us this is critical because we all have a viion for our lives.  We all have a hope of what will happen but we are usually clueless on how to achieve it.  We can look at the upcoming year and know what we want to do, even think and hope what God wants to do, but we rarely know the next step.  That’s where fasting comes in.

A Daniel fast will help us understand the vision.  It will help us take that next step.  As we fast and pray and move closer to God, He in turn moves closer to us, and explains and reveals to us his desires for our lives.  It’s a refreshing turn of events.  We are able to move from groping in the darkness to clearly seeing and hearing what the Lord wants us to do.

I’m interested though in you.  Take the quick poll and let’s see where we are.

This Wednesday (January 7th) at 7PM we will be having our First Wednesday Gathering.  We will be doing a teachign on the seven kinds of fasts in the bible and give some fasting helps and pointers.  Not to mention we will have a fabulous time of worship and personal connection time with God.  I look forward to seeing you soon!  If you need directions to the event, simply click here.