The Resistance

resistanceI had a question hit me the other day, and it made me think. So now I’ll throw that question at you. When did the movement of Jesus Christ become great? Did it become great while Jesus was on earth, or did it find its growth and greatness after that? When Jesus was here he was the seed of God that was planted, but that plant, the Kingdom, did not become great until that movement, that cause, was brought nose to nose with lions. The worldwide spread of the Good News didn’t happen until people’s faith was considered a crime. It was not until people of faith were met with resistance. Isn’t it interesting that historically we see the church growing modestly while Jesus had it in the launch phase? Obviously this is no reflection on the leadership skills of Christ since, after all, he is the Son of God and the greatest leader of all time. However, it does show that when Jesus said he was going away so that greater things could happen, he understood what he was meant to do, and he understood what was going to happen. The resistance that the early church met actually fueled their passion. It fueled it to the point of a blazing fire of information and inspiration, which quickly spread across the entire map. If it wasn’t for the resistance, I don’t believe the church would have grown like it did. Of course that is interesting enough, but then I have to wonder why we try so hard to run from resistance. Isn’t it amazing that when we meet resistance we think it’s not God’s will. We do everything in our power to sidestep or run or avoid resistance. Could it be that the very thing we are avoiding is the very thing that would make us successful in our field of life? Would David had risen in popularity as fast, if he would not have had a Goliath? Think about it. You can find in the Bible where David fought all his battles with the sword of Goliath. A sword that was logistically way to large for his frame, but he carried it to remind himself, and everybody else, that he was able to overcome and fight through the resistance. Hmmmm. I wonder what’s in your life right now that is resistance and you’re trying to avoid it. You are doing everything you can to get out of its way. Hmmmmm. I wonder if pushing through that resistance is what you need to do to be molded, and shaped, into the leader that you are wanting to become. Leaders become leaders not because of training, but by pushing through the resistance that life throws at them.