Focused Peace

peace-signThis past Sunday we finished out our series on Ephesians called “Tread.”  We talked about spiritual warfare, and ironically enough it was the one Sunday that we had more issues than any other.  Weird huh?  One might say that the ‘dark-side’ doesn’t like life change.

One of the  things we looked at was the armor of God and how it is something we wear and put on.  It defines us.  This morning I was mediating on those shoes of peace, and how the enemy brings chaos, but we walk in the peace of God.  Many times we connect having peace as being relaxed, yet we struggle being relaxed and focused at the same time.

If you put a normal person in a stressful situation and ask them the find a solution, they may very well become ubber focused, yet not relaxed.  They allow the pressure of the situation to rule their thoughts, emotions, and actions.  However, if you put a leader in that same situation, a leader that is walking in the peace of God, then you will see someone who is relaxed and focused at the same time.  This juxtaposition of faith is where we need to live.  Too many times we get in a difficult financial situation and find ourselves overwhelmed with the pressure.  Our emotions get jacked up, our mind can only thinking about the worse case scenario, and we are focused true, but we are not relaxed.

It is only in God that we are able to step in those situations and be completely focused on finding a solution, yet at the same time, remain relaxed and at peace.  When you walk in this you will discover that not only do solutions come quicker, but you also become a help to others who are focused, but freaked.


If you find yourself uptight and freaking out often then practice conjuring up mental images of peaceful places and things.  It’s not just a mind trick it is using the weapons that God gave us.  Think about it, our body responds to mental images not reality.  When your dreaming of being chased by a large googely-eyed-monster you become freaked out and stressed, yet the reality is you are laying in a warm soft bed.

Be focused, be at peace.

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