Thank God For Bodily Functions

The Jewish faith has a prayer that they pray in the morning.  Traditionally this prayer thanks God for their bodies working correctly.  It goes through a list of bodily functions to be thankful for.  At first it sounded silly to me, but then I think that’s because all my bodily functions were functioning as they were supposed to.  I haven’t posted to my blog in a while due to my body not functioning like I want it to.  To put it plainly I’ve been sick.  My wife has been sick, and my kids have been sick.  We’re better now.

I realized this morning that simple things we take for granted.  When things are going well we don’t even realize it we just truck right along.  Funny thing is even our prayer life is less fervent when all is well.  Ironic how we really call out to God when things are falling apart, when people hate us, and when we are in the unemployment line.  We hit the altar of God crying out for a sliver of hope.  However, when we have no drama, our bills are caught up, and our kids make us smile, we get so busy that we just forget to still talk to God, our father.

Nope I’m not trying to throw you down a guilt trip lane and make you feel guilty for feeling good.  God forbid!

I’m just thinking.

Thinking is dangerous.

I hate it when all my kids do is complain.  I HATE IT!  In fact if I was honest, I’d say it ticks me off.  I’d say it even stronger, but then you’d get offended and wonder how I could be a pastor and harbor those feelings towards my kids…. well, simple.  I hate it when my kids complain, mostly because they have so much, and yet still complain about small insignificant things when they sit in the face of abundance.  How can you complain about headphones not being top of the line, when you are sitting in a heated house with food in the fridge and two loving parents?!  What the junk?!  It really torques me, until I realize I’ve been the same way.

I complain about different things – including being sick – when in all actuality I have an amazing body with very few issues.  I have an incredible family, a roof over my head, and my soul is secured in Christ!  So this morning I slapped myself and said, “Dude!  What the junk!?  Be grateful!”  So, now I’m grateful.  Are you?  Is your life defined by more complaints and excuses, or thanks and gratefulness?  Do you find yourself thinking of the things you lack and want, or are you focused more on the things you have and have been given?


Primal – New Book

I just read Mark Batterson’s new book, Primal, A Quest for the Lost Soul of Christianity. The book started out talking about how we need to get back to the roots of Christianity and that in today’s society we might be suffering from culture drift.  That what we hold dear to our Christian faith may possibly be a far cry from the origins of Christianity.  I found this especially interesting considering that Mark Batterson is the Lead Pastor at National Community Church in Washington D.C., and his church is an incredibly, culturally relevant body of believers that are working hard to reach emerging generations.  His cutting edge style is an inspiration to hundreds of pastors all across our nation.  So what does “primal Christianity” look like from the vantage point of Cultural relevancy?

Primal is a great read that is divided into three acute sections that attack and disseminate information in easily handled chunks.  He looks at four things of Primal Christianity, he looks at it’s heart, soul, mind, and strength.  His writing style is easy to read with poignant stories peppered in to make reading not just impacting, but down right enjoyable.  If you are gonna read any book in 2010, you might want to check out Mark Batterson’s book, Primal.  You won’t be disappointed.