Even Jesus Can’t do it

I haven’t written a blog entry in a long time. Weird I know, especially since I love to talk and I love to write. In fact, i usually chuckle when I flip to someones blog and see that they haven’t posted anything in like a year, or 6 months. What’s the point in having a blog if you aren’t going to write?

So if I’m that “bloggingly-jaded” then one might ask why I haven’t written. Well, let me quickly explain: I made myself stop because it had become an issue. Now I know what your thinking, number one, pastors are not supposed to have issues they are supposed to be perfect, and number two, how the crunk can writing a blog be an issue? See I had been writing and writing and writing, and realized that I had become way too interested and motivated by how many people were reading my blog. I watched the numbers climb every week. I began noticing that there were certain topics that people were more likely to read and catchy ways to engage them and thus make my numbers go up. I had begun writing to please people instead of writing because it is a God given talent, that God can and does use.

I found myself convicted. Convicted that I had taken a talent and twisted it just enough to be used to feed a blind spot of mine. Because deep down I know that I love to please people. Im a people pleaser. I want to live by the old Rodney King quote, “can’t we just all get along?” I want everybody to be happy and I want everybody to be happy with me! I want to please everybody, and that my friend is impossible. Even Jesus couldn’t please everybody so why do I think I can? Simple, because my flesh wants to be happy while my spirit wants to lead. Leaders don’t make people happy, leaders lead people from plausible potential to rewarding reality. But my blog had become an ear tickling, number increasing machine, that I no longer liked – so I stopped. I had to get my priorities back in line. I had to once again come to that place where I realize I am a complete and utter idiot who clings to the hope that God the creator will now and then touch my minuscule brain and give me a shred or shard of an idea, that might possibly help somebody move from their internal potential to a daily reality of greatness.

Since you have read this far into my internal ratings go ahead and read a little bit more. Ask your self, explore who you are, and the gifts and talents that God has given you. Are you using any of your talents to feed into your abyss of fleshly desires? Do you use any skills you have to simply make you a little more normal and worldly, or are you taking those God-given gifts, talents, and skills, and bringing their full weight to bare on the plight of humanity?

Maybe yours is people pleasing like me, maybe it’s not. Whatever it is, we all have something that we know limits our full potential, and the weird thing is most of the time the gifts and talents that God has given us to reach our potential are the very things that many times the enemy uses to keep us from our potential.

Magnanimous public leaders become prideful
Financial wizards become greedy
Stay at home moms become bored
Pastors become people pleasers
Salesman become cocky

The list could go on and on, but where are you? Imagine if everyone tapped into their God given gifts and talents and used them to impact culture and our world as we know it, imagine how we could all become a catalyst of change. I’m up for the challenge, how about you?

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