Review of “Next Christian”

The Next Christian
Book Review

I picked up this book expecting another well written factual book along the lines of UnChristian which I enjoyed for it’s genre, but what was inside was completely different. Gabe did a marvelous job of taking research,with all of its facts and stats, and turning them into a fantastic story that made me look forward to what was around each and every bend. I found the basic structure of the book to be easily read and followed. Early on in the book, chapter 3, Gabe gives a wonderful analogy of the different types of christians that we have now in our country compared to those in the times of Christ. I found this fascinating and also a bit unnerving that we have somehow allowed our country to get to this same state of a factional Christianity. I have often seen the angle of the Pharisees with some modern day church organizations but had never wrapped my brain around the Essenes and the “Blenders”.

The book continues down a fantastic path that had me not just enjoying the journey, but questioning different things in my own life and ministry and how I perceive things. This book is one of the very few books in my life that I will read again and again. But with all books there is always a negative somewhere. With this book the most disappointing thing that I found was the end. I hated turning the last page, because I quickly realized, that my mental traverse through the pages of our countries spiritual future had come to a close. The Next Christian is absolutely a marvelous read that every church goer should read. It is definitely a book I will not just recommend to strangers but friends and ministry partners as well. It is a well researched, well thought out look at the face of Christianity in the coming years.

I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review