How to Never be Bored Again!

I’m still fasting. I don’t say that to brag or to make everybody think I’m grandiose or something, because our whole church is fasting, so I’m not grandiose I’m hungry, but I guess that’s to be expected. Of course none of that is important. What I wanted to share with you is what I learned yesterday.

Since I have been fasting I have had more time on my hands. A pretty decent amount especially since we’ve had two snow days. During this ‘extra’ time I’ve had a couple of moments where I had the opportunity to be bored. Boredom in my book has always been stupid, who gets bored!? Of course my kids used to tell me regularly that they were bored, and I would always reply, “if you’re bored that just means you are a boring person. Which you are not, so go find something to do!” That never worked. So then I told them that every time they say they are bored they had to clean the house. That worked like a charm.

These last few days have taught me to pay attention to God. To not get in a hurry in any way. We seem to think that if we have ’empty’ time then we are bored. Interestingly enough, did you know that koine Greek (classical Greek which is a dead language and what the NewTestament is originally written in) has no word for boredom? They had 3 words for love and numerous words for power, but no words for boredom. I wonder why?

I think they had no word for boredom because they were never bored. They had no TV, Internet, cell phones, or any other time sucker/filler putting their brains and spirits in neutral. No I am NOT preaching against any of that stuff so relax, but what I am learning myself is that maybe the good ole days of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle are not so bad. Sure they lacked indoor plumbing and toilet paper, but they had no word for boredom.

Imagine giving your kids the most amazing Christmas gifts ever and then after a day they say, “I’m bored!” I know, it happens to the best of us. Now think about God. Our heavenly father created us in the most amazing way, in the most amazing place, with the most amazing things, and then we say we are bored. Instead, what I’m learning to do is look for the beauty of God everyday in every moment.

Music, people, trees,
birds, silence, laughter, crying,
yelling, snow, heat, homes, wet socks,
dry socks, cuddling, long drives,
kids, adults, elderly,
the list

I’m learning to slow down.
I’m learning to not be bored, but rather to look for the beauty of God in every thing and in every situation.

What are you learning during your fast?

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Fasting and iPhones

Today we begin the third day of our fast at SouthPoint Church. I don’t think I would ever say it’s easy or not a challenge but I can definitely say that it is amazing. Fasting has a way of recalibrating our spirits, cleaning out the junk in our closets, and once again setting our hearts, minds, and bodies, directly in the will of God. Everybody needs a soft reset now and then.

I love my iPhone. Now you might think that ‘love’ is a strong word for a piece of electronics, and if you think that then you obviously don’t have an iPhone. My phone does everything I want it to plus it makes phone calls, it’s a far cry from the old Motorola flip phone. As awesome as my iPhone is, after a while it becomes slow, sluggish and frustrating. It’s a computer so it knows what it is suppose to do. I push a certain button and it is suppose to do advanced calculations in a nanosecond to appease my whim. Unfortunately, what happens is the phone gets ‘techno-clutter’ from it’s regular use and needs to be rebooted. It needs a moment. It requires a techno time out to purge all of it’s RAM and cookies, and whatever else it has been holding onto for days. Then once it is rebooted, my phone is back to it’s fabulous state, performing it’s tasks in a fabulous manner.

Fasting is a way of rebooting our spirits. A tangible way of dumping all the junk that has found it’s way into our lives, and has begun slowing down our spiritual responsiveness. Due to the cultural clutter in our lives, we are confused if it is really the voice of God or just our imagination. Is this really God’s will or is it just one of our many whims.

Fasting breaks the confusion.

Fasting reboots our spirits.

If you’ve never fasted give it a try. Just start, right where you are, it’s never too late, and it’s not near as scary as you think it is. So put down the cheese burger and try a rice cake with a nice glass of water and listen to the voice of God, it will blow you away!

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