“Hunger is an escort to the deeper things of God.” That line is in a song by Misty Edwards, and it really got me thinking. I’m not actually sure what the song is about or what other beautiful phrases she puts together, but for me, that one line got my brain kicked into overdrive. I began to ponder if I really am hungry for God. When I’m hungry for a snickers its worth breaking a twenty just to have a bite of the pea-nutty goodness. In fact, when there is a hunger or craving in me, I usually can satisfy that hunger, because my hunger is a great motivator to get what my body what it wants, but what about my hunger for God?

Not a hunger for the things God does for me or can do for me. I’m not talking about a hunger to be rescued from a difficult situation or challenge. Nope, I’m just talking about a hunger for the real, stripped down version of God. Sometimes God is like buying a car. We want the God with all the extras, all those things that make us feel better about ourselves or look better to others. We want the heated seats, the heated steering wheel and yes even the heated cup holder. We want, no need, 22″ wheels on it with shiny rims because it makes all the girls go crazy! But I’m not talking about that kind of God, I’m talking about the stripped down basic model that has nothing on it but, well…the basics. How hungry am I for a God with no extras?

If God comes to me in a stripped down version, where all he has to offer me is love, peace, righteousness, redemption, and joy, am I still interested? Is there a hunger in me for the deeper things of God?