Failure Stinks!

I hate failing. Anything and everything I do, I do it full throttle. I work, study, and do whatever it takes to be the best Craig I can be. I tried being a Jimmy one time but that didn’t go well at all, and I won’t even start to tell you about the fiasco of trying to be a Jessica. So being the best me I can be should be easy since I really am the only me. Think about it…..I’m an original. Only I can be me, you can’t. But then again I can’t be you. Now obviously that is all obvious, but I say all that to let you feel the pain of failure.

If I’m the best Craig ever, then that means when I’m being Craig, I rock! The problem is when I’m trying to be Craig and I still fail. Those Sunday’s that I don’t perform well, where even though I studied, prayed and spoke, and it still turned out as a total failure, I failed at being me.

Have you ever failed at being you? You said the wrong thing, made the wrong choice, went to the wrong spot, dated the wrong person, believed the wrong thing or ate the wrong sushi roll? I know I have, but I have good news for you and for me……He still accepts me.

Just speaking for myself (since it is my blog), even when I am being the best me I can be, and I fail, It doesn’t impact the way God views me or loves me. A million people might tell me how bad I did, I might even feel, and know, how bad I did, yet God is not moved. I’m still His favorite.

CS Lewis famously talked about how the pleasure of life are like rays of sunshine, and we should allow the rays to hit us on the face, but then, trace those rays of light and pleasure back to the source and praise Him. Even when clouds get in the way and block the rays of pleasure and light He is still there. Still constant. Still loving.

I often fail. Recently it seems I’m failing more and more, yet his acceptance of me is unwavering. I stand in awe of his greatness and his love for me. I’m so glad I’m his favorite.