Duck Dynasty Church Planting

I love watching Duck Dynasty on A&E. It’s a reality show that is all about pure undefiled rednecks, who make millions of dollars inventing and selling duck calls. The thing I love the most about it is how the millions of dollars these guys have come in to, has not changed them. Oh sure, they have a lot more toys, and a lot more stuff to blow up and duck tape, but the money has not altered their Red Neck core one bit. It’s that kind of un malleable vision and fortuitousness that makes a successful church planter. In fact, since I have been pastoring in Mississippi now for over five years, I have learned that if you are going to plant a church, plant it like a redneck.

Rednecks are passionate about their guns.
If you ever want to engage in a conversation with a redneck, simply ask him about a gun. If you want to see him get excited and warm and bubbly then ask him about his favorite gun. You will see a side of him you have never seen before, because since birth he was created with a passion for guns. If you are gonna plant a church, you better have a passion for it that no amount of trouble can extinguish. I can promise you one thing, when you are planting a church, problems will come. Issues will come. You will be overwhelmed and you will try and quote the verse that says “He will never put more on you than you can bear.” and then you will realize that that is not what that verse says. Of course, by that time it will be too late. You will be mono-brow deep in trouble with a fierce passion to quit. Before you ever start, make sure you are as passionate about planting a church as Billy-Jo is abouy his 12GA over under with camo stock.

Rednecks dress differently
Have you ever seen a man show up to a wedding in a camouflage overalls with no shirt underneath? I have. Have you ever seen someone upset that their camo pattern doesn’t match, and they are only going to Walmart? I have. The one thing you should always remember about the fashion of a true-blue Redneck, no matter what the occasion, they will be comfortable… matter what. Comfortable might not be something you normally would associate with church planting (which is the most grueling of professions), but to endure the process, you must be comfortable in who you are as a leader. No matter what the situation, meeting, or confrontation, you must be extremely comfortable in the uniqueness that God created you in. When you begin doubting that, you begin losing your footing in what God has called you to do. (FYI: Camos at a wedding are not a good idea. You might think they can’t see you, but they can.)

Rednecks don’t copy, they’re originals
If you were looking for one blanket statement that covers or identifies all rednecks, you would probably come away greatly disappointed. Rednecks are unique, different, non-copiable. (If you try you might just blow your hand off.) There might be certain things or ways that are similar, but when you dig down you find that to each similarity there is still a unique core that makes them different. It took me years to figure out that I didn’t have to prepare, preach, pastor, primp, or promenade like anyone else, I get to be me. God made me unique and therefore my church and my calling is unique. Yes there are some values and basic beliefs that are exactly the same as some other churches and ministers, but when you dig a little deeper you will discover that I’m unique, different, special. If I just try and copy someone else’s speaking style or their systems, or process, then all I will become is a cheap copy of them. But when I can take their thoughts and ideas and run them through the chipper shredder of my brain, out comes a unique mish-mash of creative genius!

If you decide to tackle the formidable task of church planting, do yourself a favor, watch an episode or two of Duck Dynasty, and then go plant like a Redneck.