Exactly What Do I Have To Do?

Sometimes when I ask my kids to do something, they will ask me what they have to do.  They only ask this when there is a chore or an unsavory thing that must be done.  I might say, “clean your room,” and then my 8 year old will ask, “What all do I need to do?  How good do you want me to clean it?”  In other words, what is the minimum that I can do and still appease you Father?  What exactly do I need to do in order not to get punished?

The frustrating thing is when I see this attitude seep into our minds when it comes to fasting.  We ask questions like, “Can I have this?”  “Is this allowed on the fast?”  “What about this?”  “Can I eat this?” And those are ALL the wrong questions.  None of those questions come close to relating to fasting. Those questions belong to a legalistic mindset.

See the question is not can you have this or that, but rather, “What are you willing to give up for a temporary amount of time, in order to hear from God?”  What type of food, or all food, is more important than having God show up in your life?  

Is a steak more important than a new job you want?

Is sugar more important than peace in your home?

Is a hamburger more important than having a child you’ve been wanting?  

What about a finding a Godly spouse?  

What about having a heathen husband get saved?  

What about your indebtedness being wiped out, or the money found to pay it off?  

Do you want to keep the school loans forever? Or is God moving supernaturally in your finances more important to you than sweets?  Sugar?  Meat?  Chocolate? FaceBook? TV?

See I think we have approached fasting from the wrong direction for too long.  We have somehow in our crazy American mindset made it a yearly chore instead of a desperate cry to gain God’s attention in our lives.  A season of time that we set aside and genuinely cry out to God saying, “I need you more than anything!  These hunger pains and headaches pale in comparison to your greatness.  See me!  Hear my cry!  Move on my behalf!  Bring your signs, miracles and wonders down in my life!  I can’t survive another moment let alone a whole year without your favor!

Right now stop and think what you are fasting for.  If you don’t have a need, no character flaws, or spiritual dryness then why are you fasting?  But if you do, then before you pop the M&M in your mouth ask yourself, “Is this little bit of hunger or this little bit of craving more powerful than my desire for (fill in the blank).”



  1. And this is why we ♥ u.

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