An Insight on Fasting That You Do NOT Know.

ImageOften times when we are fasting we are looking forward to what is coming.  We spend our pensive times in prayer thinking, maybe even dreaming about what will be, how much better this year will be than last.  One of the aspects of fasting that is often unknown is the ‘rug’ principle.


We spend every year sweeping things under the rug in our lives.  You can say you don’t know what I’m talking about, or maybe you are more pious than that and think that only other people do that, but the truth of the matter is; we all sweep things under the proverbial rug.  Relationships that should have been confronted months ago, the out of control spending that has wedged its way into our lives, or even the rouge habits that have grown in significance. 


Whatever it is, we all sweep. 


Other things take precedence throughout the year.   With work demanding more hours, our family getting more needy, and our country changing things daily, our lives have become a smoldering pot of constant change and adaptation just to keep our heads above water.  So it’s no wonder that when things float to the top, if it’s difficult or embarrassing, we shove it back down into the fray….we sweep it under the rug.  After all, nobody looks under your rug….not even your mother-in-law.


One of the powerful effects of fasting is the power to lift the rug in our lives.  Even if you never pray, “oh God! Please lift my rug!”. He will.  He’s a rug lifter.  The rug gets lifted and then we get to deal with all the stuff from the past year that we suppressed, regressed, and swept under the rug.  The great thing is God helps us work through it.  He guides us, supports us, and encourages us.  The difficult news is that you still have to work through it.  There is no magic pill.


The Holy Spirit is our guide, and He will guide us in the proper way to confront, talk, share, leave, stay, hold on, let go, walk, run, forgive, love, heal, and establish boundaries.  Whatever it is, listen to the Holy Spirit and he will guide you through the process of cleaning out from underneath the rug in your life.


  • Fasting pulls the rug back.
  • The Holy Spirit Guides us in how to sweep.
  • We pick up the broom.

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  1. WOW, very convicting Pastor.

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