I Wasn’t In The Mood

I told Patti (my wife), “I’m not in the mood.”
Now those might be strange words for a husband to say, but I said them because she asked me while driving down the road to put my seatbelt on. I wasn’t in the mood. I hate seat belts. They wrinkle my shirt and cramp my style. Telling her I was not in the mood to physically restrain myself in a moving vehicle sounded like a great excuse: sound, heartfelt, and honest. What she calmly threw back at me was not what I was expecting.

“That’s very selfish of you. What would we do if you weren’t around? We need you here so put your seatbelt on.”

She was right of course, and yes, I put my seatbelt on, but then it got me thinking. How many other things do we do in life never realizing how it impacts or affects others. Do we ever stop and think how our selfish acts impact our kids? Our friends? Our spouse? Whether we like it or not people are depending on us and sometimes we just need to stop acting like selfish morons. I know that’s not a very spiritual statement, but it’s true. All too often we focus on ourselves and what we want and what we need, never even thinking that other people are looking at how we live and every choice we make affects them.

One of my good friends is pregnant and on bed rest. She cannot even sit up for several more weeks. I’m not sure if she is losing her mind yet but I know I would be. I would be looney because who wants to stay in bed that long? I know she doesn’t want too, but I also know that she is currently living her life in a way that simply adds life to another. What mom does (or doesn’t do in this case) has a direct result on how another person will live their life.

Yep I know that’s an extreme example.

Yep I know that when this kid is born and is 23 will probably never even consider the sacrifice that mom is currently making.

Yep I know that you and I don’t realize and consider the impact that we are making in people’s lives, because 99% of the time they never tell you or show it, but it’s happening.

So buckle up! Stop acting like your life only matters to yourself. Your choices and decisions are impacting numerous other people and just because you don’t like it should have no bearing on whether or not you man up (or woman up) and do the uncomfortable task of what’s right, noble, holy, and acceptable. Buckling up is a law. Acting selflessly is a choice. Make the right choice.