Great Sex, Profound Biblical Revelation, Turning 43

ImageThe two most Googled topics in the world is the Bible, and Sex, so obviously making that part of the title of this blog post made you click.  Welcome to one of my rants.


Since today is my birthday and I am turning 43, I’m supposed to be wiser.  I’m not sure if I am, but one thing is for sure, I have learned a lot, especially in the last 3 years.  Three years ago I wanted to quit…everything, but I didn’t thank goodness!  During that time of wanting to quit there was always one thing that stayed stuck in my mind and it was the voice of the Lord.  He said on more than one occassion, “This is not your responsibility.”


The things that I was stressed over really were things that were in my realm of responsibility.  It wasn’t until I began letting go, in order to hold on to Him, that I realized it wasn’t my responsibility, it was God’s.  Simply because I have committed my life to Him.  Therefore [awesome church word.  You get to use these when you are older than 40], my life is his life, and my stuff is His stuff.  The hardest area for most people to incorporate concept into is money.


I have learned a lot of things over the last 4 decades, but still the one thing that blows my mind is that when you bring your tithe into the House of the Lord, and honor Him with the first fruits of your income, that He in turn blesses it, and everything else in your life.  Where ever your money is, that is where your heart is.  You love what you invest in.  You are more interested in what you are invested in.  So if you are invested in the Kingdom of God you will be more interested in the kingdom of God, thus your heart will be turned to focus more on Jesus and what He is doing.  Then everything else falls in order.  


The reason people get divorced is P.M.S.

Power – who is in control

Money – not enough, where it goes, etc.

Sex – not enough, too much

What I’m getting ready to say is what I have learned, so you don’t have to agree.  It’s my life and my blog so here it goes:

When I faithfully and happily bring my tithe to God, He sets my money in order and blesses it.  Bills always get paid and there is no stress in our finances because it is His responsibility not mine.  What I have is blessed.  Since Patti and I agree that our money is really His money and every dollar in our hands is a test to see where our hearts are, that takes care of the power struggle, becasue neither her, nor I are in control of the relationship.  God is.  Therefore [only ancient sages use this word more than once in a such a short amount of time], since neither of us are struggling for control, and we are not stressed about money becasue He has put it in order then our sex life is better because there is no tension.  Yep you heard it here first – Giving tithe makes for better sex.


It’s a heart issue.  Always has been, and it always will be.  I’m glad that over the last 4 decades I have put my whole life in God’s hands.  In the good times and in the bad times, and this I know, and this I have learned – there is not a more adventurous place, than in the hands of God.